Low-Cost Telehealth Communication Device Benefits Home Health Agencies

New CareCaller™ Delivers Home Health Providers & Visiting Nurses a New Low-Cost Call Button for At- Home Patients


Cheyanne, WY. Feb 28, 2018 – Homestead Health announces the latest release of its CareCaller Help Alert for home health providers.

Fact is, reducing unplanned hospital readmissions has become a high priority for healthcare systems and home health providers nationwide. Each year, nearly 20 percent of Medicare beneficiaries are readmitted to hospitals within 30 days of discharge. The federal government has estimated that 836,000 readmissions are considered unnecessary and avoidable. These avoidable readmissions will directly cost healthcare providers an estimated $528 million dollars in CMS penalties this year.

Chronic conditions including CHF, COPD, Diabetes among others are all major contributors. The good news is that many such conditions exhibit early warning signs that, if identified and responded to immediately, can easily avoid unnecessary readmissions.


“When patients are hospitalized, they rely upon the nurse call button to request immediate nurse assistance. Once they go home, however, that simple support mechanism is gone…until now.” states Kathleen Holohan, Director of National Sales with Homestead Health.

Homestead Health’s revolutionary CareCaller™ help alert technology is now available to hospitals, healthcare organizations and home health providers nationwide. It is designed to increase patient communication and reduce avoidable and unnecessary patient readmissions. How? It gives the patient the ability to directly call their visiting nurse, home health provider, or a 24/7 nurse assist hotline.

This may  be  a  call  to  ask  a  question  about  their medical condition(s), confirm medications, schedule/reschedule follow-up appointments, report a worsening condition, or to request urgent nurse assistance.


One press of the CareCaller’s™ large call button is all it takes to directly call – and text message - up to five pre-programmed provider numbers. Once activated, the patient will be immediately connected to their home healthcare professional using the built-in two-way speakerphone. If necessary, a nurse can even call the patient’s CareCaller™ directly in case the patient does not have a phone or has limited mobility.

“Studies are clearly showing that nurse/patient communication before, during and following discharge must be an integral component to significantly reduce unnecessary readmissions.” continues Holohan. “Providing patients with a simple inexpensive CareCaller™ home health or visiting nurse call button can easily save tens of thousands of dollars for each and every avoidable admission – or readmission. An impressive return on investment for a device that only costs just a

few dollars a month.”

Home Health agencies, MCO’s and ACO’s have already confirmed that patients will use the CareCaller™ to call their home health provider or visiting nurse for assistance before needing to call 911. In most cases, the CareCaller™ can alert a patient’s home health provider to problems or situations before the patient involves a EMS dispatch, emergency department visit and resulting hospital admission. Avoiding an unplanned ER visit by addressing the medical issue(s) at the patient’s home, home healthcare providers can also prevent the resulting hospital admission.

Home Care agencies and national franchises know that superior client care & satisfaction is the one most important determinant of long-term agency success. Clients – and their families– immediately recognize the value and importance of a direct, immediate connection between loved-ones and their caregivers.

Homestead Health offers custom home healthcare models, private label packaging, discounted group purchasing and service plans for all sizes of professional home health and home care providers. To learn more, watch our Informative CareCaller Video or visit the Homestead Health web site.

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