Home Health, Visiting & Private Duty Nursing and Hospice Agencies Must Protect Their In-Home Caregivers and Patients From COVID-19

Our successful clients all share one critically important concern. They need to effectively protect with their staff and their home health clients. The risk is that a visiting nurse may unknowingly infect dozens of chronically-ill patients. Conversely, a visiting nurse my become infected by contact with a patient  and spread it among the entire office staff and all agency patients. This could result in a costly closure of an entire home health care agency - not to mention possible costly legal liability and even the loss of life of a caregiver or patient.


Providers are discovering how a NurseCaller program protects home health caregivers by providing patients with a low-cost, easy-to-use Help Alert nurse call button. By enabling home health patients to directly contact their care providers by phone, providers can reduce or eliminate unnecessary visiting nurse calls. Phone screening can quickly and easily to determine actual diagnosis - while protecting staff from unnecessary exposure.

Let our years of home health telecare experience help you quickly and easily set-up a low-cost telehealth program that is quick and easy to deploy for your entire agency.

The Next Generation of Proactive Telecare Technology Is Here - Today!

Home health clients want to live simpler, healthier lives at home. Proactive Telecare is the answer you have been waiting for. We seamlessly connect your patients to their entire circle of care. Patients enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can get immediate 24/7 support from caregivers, family members & loved-ones so they are always connected.


But today's Proactive Telecare is so much more advanced. Forget the decades-old "help i've fallen..." medical alarm button to call for rescue. Today's Proactive Telecare - available  only from  Homestead Health - provides 24/7 support for all members personal and medical needs long before an emergency occurs - all while keeping family and caregivers connected.

FACT: Proactive Telecare Provides
 Immediate Patient Engagement

Speak with a familiar voice with the press of a button. At Homestead Health, we believe the best solutions  in life are SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE. When it comes to providing home health members with 24/7 care & support, nothing is simplier than pressing a button and speaking immediately with their caregiver. 

True patient engagement is all about PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS. That is, speaking with a real person - preferably with healthcare providers and family caregivers you know and trust.

FACT: Effective Patient Engagement Proven To Reduce Re-Admissions

As home health reimbursement moves to the Patient-Driven Grouping Model (PDGM) in January 2020, agencies are focused on improving outcomes in an operationally efficient manner


Home health patients are encouraged to be involved in their health and recovery. This must involve regular contact with their home health provider(s) to discuss changes in their health or condition(s), questions about medications, appointments and medical supplies.

When the home health provider is made aware of an early - but potentially worsening - condition or complication, you can respond immediately. Scheduling a nurse visit or doctor appointment before it becomes a critical matter can easily avoid a costly ER visit or hospital readmission.. 

FACT: Proactive Telecare Produces An Immediate ROI

CareCallers work just like a hospital nurse call button - expect it is for use by home health patients.

CareCallers are inexpensive to purchase, quick to deploy and intuitively easy to use by your most critical, highest risk patients.

The new Proactive Telecare technology developed by Homestead Health has been shown to produce impressive, positive ROI results within just the first 30-60 days.

FACT: Proactive Patient Engagement Increases Patient Satisfaction CMS Scores

Proactive patient engagement significantly increases HHCAHPS scores which are now public information. Payors, providers and now home health agencies are subject to CMS data collection and possible penalties for sub-standard ratings. This is your home health agency's "credit score" and those with the highest documented scores will be the larges beneficiaries in the increasingly competitive healthcare market.

FACT: Documented Positive Patient Outcomes Results in Increased Professional Referrals

Payors and providers are increasingly scrutinizing their short list of Preferred Providers and are monitoring their results closely. Those home health agencies that can document their key metrics are superior will be the beneficiary of very lucrative "risk-sharing" and "value based care" programs that are growing in popularity.

Payors, hospitals, medical centers & national healthcare systems can save MILLIONS in reduced re-admissions and CMS penalites while providing their patients with a superior care & positive outcomes.

Home health franchises are becoming VERY competitive for  new franchisees, clients and referrals. A CareCaller program gives all your franchised locations with an immediate competitive advantage.

Home health agencies, ACO's, MCO's and MSO's can realize significant cost savings and increased profitability by keeping home health care costs low.

Home care, personal assistance agencies can offer their clients, and their families/loved-ones, with the latest help alert technology available only from them.

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